What are the Best Solar Panels on the Market going into 2020?

What is up YouTube, Kristian, Axios back with another video and in this video, what I wanted to go over is one of the most popular topics that I talk about on this channel based on statistics that you guys want to see.

More of so, I made a video prior, I think three weeks ago about the best solar panels going into 2020, and I decided to make a follow-up video with more information for you guys about how you can decide which panels to either use to have as an Option in your business or to give your homeowner or if you are a homeowner, to have on your roof, to provide you with that solar energy to be enough for the home usage in your home.

So in this video I’m gonna get into it, but first I wanted to let you guys know that we have a sponsor for this video, which is dr. pepper and, as you know, dr. pepper is like the absolute best drink for you.

It’s, gonna be literally so healthy. They have this new new one that it’s. Gon na have enough protein for after the gym, so that you guys are properly fueled totally joking about that, but it is good.

I don’t, usually drink soda, but I figured that if they would give me a sponsor, I definitely would vouch for them. So Who am I to talk about solar panels and how am I an expert in this field? Well, to give you guys a background on Who I am, I’ve been in the solar industry, since I was 19 years old, I’m, currently 23 going to be 24 pretty soon, and I’ve, seen every different Type of panel I’ve, seen Trina panels: Q cell SunPower, LG re C solar panels.

There are so many different ones. I’ve, seen Canadian Solar, I’ve, seen so many that I can’t even count them on my hands, so that’s. To give you guys an idea as to what type of panels that I have used for my homeowners, what I have sold, what I have seen in warehouses been able to touch.

So I do have an experience in this business. I’ve, also been with over five different companies. One of them, which I’ve, been with twice in one company, which I have owned and operated myself with my business partner, so that’s.

Just to give you guys a little update as to Who I am and how I am qualified to speak on behalf of solar panels in this industry and where it’s going in 2020. So when we’re talking about the best solar panels going into 2020, there’s, really three people that would be interested in knowing this one would be the homeowner looking to get solar on their roof and they want to get the Absolute best product number two would be the solar consultant who has different options based on their company, in which one to give their homeowner number three would be the businessperson trying to find out what the best solar panel is with also keeping in mind what they will Get the best rate at and be able to sell it to their customers and be able to have a lot of profit.

So there’s, really three different types and I’m. I want to start with the homeowner. So if you are a homeowner there’s, a lot of different things that you have to consider when looking into solar, whether it be the type of product, the type of company, the type of service that they’re gonna provide You, but one of the biggest things that we want to make sure as a homeowner is, are my panels the best in the market and will they provide enough electricity for my home so that when I do get upgraded that I will be able to turn on The lights and not worry about them, failing on me down the road, also longevity purposes: you want them to be able to last a long time so that your investment was a worthwhile decision.

So when looking into solar panels as a homeowner, you’re. Gon na have to base your decision on a couple different things. Do you care about the aesthetics of the panel? Do you care about the price that you’re willing to pay for the panel, or are you just looking for the absolute best product? You are willing to pay a premium.

You are willing to look at your solar panels if they & # 39, re blue or a different, maybe unaesthetic type of panel. Those are different things that you want to think about as a homeowner, but as a homeowner goes here’s, one piece of advice for you whenever you are looking for a dip in solar, quote, make sure to ask this one question: are these polycrystalline Or mono crystalline, these are two types of panels that you can be offered in the solar industry.

So there are two types of panels: one there are polycrystalline and then too there are mono crystalline. Both are made out of the same material, but they’re made differently right here. I’m, going to post a picture of what a mono crystalline cell will look like comparative to a polycrystalline cell.

So as a homeowner, we always want to be choosing the mono crystalline cell to be put on our roof. The reason being is because they’re going to last the longest and they’re, going to perform the best. Some great companies that do provide the mono crystalline solar cells is going to be Sun power being number one.

Also, you can find re SI solar and Panasonic and LG to be the top. These are the top four types of solar manufacturers that are gonna, provide you the best product that will last very very long now, keep in mind.

Sun Power has the ability to last, even over 35 years, unlike the other options, next would be the solar consultant when choosing a different product to offer your homeowner. You want to keep in mind a few things as a solar consultant.

We want to offer our homeowners. The best possible option, because then they’re, going to give us referrals. They’re gonna have a great producing system and therefore it’s, just a great testimonial for new deals that could come in the future.

So when deciding what to do as a solar consultant and what to give your homeowner, you want to take into account two different things: profit and longevity. So a lot of the times. I see solar consultants, they will give the homeowner the absolute worst product at a high price, that’s.

Just how a lot of solar consultants are approaching this business? They don’t, see the longevity of where solar could go in five to ten years and being a great solar consultant will hold its value through thick and thin.

So when you have options with a certain solar company, you want to make sure that you’re gonna give the homeowner the best absolute option: the best possible option. It’s, gonna be better for the long-term and also with a high quality product.

You can actually make more Commission because you’re gonna be providing the best product and backed by the best service provided by you. So when choosing which option to give your homeowner always choose the best option, and as long as the homeowner is willing to pay a premium, both sides should win as well, now the business owner so having been a business owner.

I know what the temptation can be like if there are the option between Q cells and LG or Sun power panels, when offering a type of panel like LG and Panasonic and Sun power. The profits can be lower and very minimal at some times, but with the Q cell or the Trina panels.

The profit can be a lot larger, but here’s. The problem, if you do see yourself in business for two years three years, five years ten years down the line and you’re, really going to have to double down on having the best product and offering the homeowners the absolute best service, so that You can utilize the customers you gave the best product to for more referrals and more business.

If you start off your business, giving homeowners Trina panels or Q cell panels, what you’re gonna realize down the road not far after you had delivered the product that you’re gonna be getting a lot of calls with Problems with their solar system that’s, something that I would highly highly recommend trying to avoid because early on with starting a business, you have so many other distractions, so many other problems to solve.

The last thing that you want to be hearing is that’s, a homeowner one of your customers, solar system is not working. Does that make sense so, overall, what are the best solar panels to use for your business? Well, keeping in mind that we are considering the homeowner, the solar consultant and the business owner, I want to make my recommendation to you.

So Sun power is always going to be the best, and that’s, a product that you’ll, always have to pay a premium for whether you’re, a business owner whether you’re, a solar consultant. You’re gonna have a lower Commission or a homeowner, because you’re gonna actually be paying for the product, and then you’re gonna have those Q cells and Treena panels that we really never want To use so what is the best solar panel for you? I recommend the LG or the re C solar panel.

Why? Because I would love to give every homeowner our Sun power panel, but not all homeowners can buy that type of equipment. It’s. Very high quality and it’s very expensive. So what is a good product that you can give your homeowner, knowing that they’re gonna be taken care of with also the assurance that it’s? Not gonna break down it’s.

Gon na be a great product and it’s, also going to be at a great value so that the homeowner can afford it so that we can get paid as consultants and as business owners. We can also have a profit margin, because why else would we have started a business and, at the end of the day, if we can’t get profit and we’re, not able to help the world and the planet be more Sustainable with renewable energy, so re see solar panels and LG are gonna, be my pick for this video because you’ll like if I can provide a homeowner with a great product that will last a long time at a great value.

Then that’s, the best thing that I could be doing hey guys. Thank you so much for watching make sure to LIKE the video. It helps me out a lot and if you don’t, you’re gonna get bad karma for the next two months of the new year.

So make sure you like it subscribe to the channel as well, so that you guys get notified when I upload a new video and also make sure to shoot a comment down below what you guys think are the best panels on the market going into 2020.

Thank you so much for watching once again guys and have an excellent day.

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