Total Cost Of Our Off Grid Solar System

Total Cost Of Our Off Grid Solar System

Welcome back guys. Today we figured that we would answer some questions that we’ve, been getting about our solar equipment. So we’re, going to just take you through each item and say how much it cost and where we got it from give you an idea of what the overall system cost us yeah just kind of a rough estimate.

So that way, if anybody out there wants to do something similar, you can alright to start off. Where we get our power. Is he’s? 12 235 watt Hanwha solar panels? I bought them from alt e’ and they don’t.

They don’t actually sell these anymore. What, and so I mean $ 1,200 for 12 solar panels from that place, all from the hall T store. That being said, we also paid for freight shipping, so that was $ 400, so that’s included in that $ 1700 price and everything that we’re, going on all the prices that we’re going to tell you Are including what it was to ship to us? Alright, next up is our DIY homemade solar, mount.

We made this with just available parts that you can get from any home repair store from lumber. The concrete that cost us one thousand solar ground mount kit is because one we wanted something that anybody could do and and get at pretty much any home improvement store, but two was cost.

I mean we spent that thousand one thousand sixty two dollars, but I mean we would. We would have spent way more than that and that thousand sixty two also includes, like the conduit, all the wiring that goes from the combiner box to inside the hut.

The copper grounding wire, like literally everything out here, alright, so we have seven smart car batteries modules there. They’re out of the Mercedes smart car and the Tesla Roadster, I believe, is what they’re out of.

I bought them on eBay, they’re from a seller called green tech auto and I paid roughly, I want to say at the time it was like 500 525 somewhere in there was the average I paid for him, and also I got to say.

I bought them separately like I should have bought them all together at one, but I was kind of did make this March decision like I was like. Oh, I can get away with this X amount three like maybe I should add two more and then I’m like oh.

I should add three more so I paid for shipping every single time, which was $ 200 at free shipping, so that kind of was a $ 600 actually $ 400 mistake. How so, in total the the batteries cost us four thousand four hundred dollars cable wires.

I bought 25 feet of a black and a red strand, cable wire, and also I bought a pack of 50 of the copper lugs in total. I spent one hundred and seventy four dollars on 25 feet of wire, so actually 50 feet in total of two gauge: copper, wire, welding wire and a pack of 50 copper lugs, and I got it all from eBay all right.

Next up the charge controller, the junction box, which combines everything and the inverter and also the control panel or control display. In total, we spent two thousand seven hundred and fifty three dollars and I bought them all from the all East or, I would have to say the inverter was the most expensive part on there.

I believe that was like seventeen hundred dollars, but it’s, a inverter that’s going to last. You know I was gonna, say obviously, money well-spent, yeah money, well-spent yeah, the AC, disconnect it’s, a actually meant for a air conditioner.

It’s, a 60 amp AC, disconnect going to our breaker box, so our breaker box and our 30 amp breaker. So in total, these three things for 104 and you can get them at any any home improvement store. So the grand total costs of our entire solar system has been ten thousand two hundred.

Seventy three dollars now keep in mind. Like Spencer was saying, we did kind of mess up a little bit and not order all of our batteries at once, because we were unsure about a couple of things, so you could avoid some extra cost with shipping if you just order it all together.

Obviously, right yeah, I did that with that, and also with the I should’ve order, the inverter all that stuff at the same time some solar panels, so that would have saved me, probably another 100 or 200 dollars yeah.

So you could definitely do this with these materials for under ten thousand dollars. I know that sounds like a lot of money, but if you really think about it, I mean for us back home we had a smaller home in our electricity bill was around $ 75.

A month which comes out to nine hundred dollars a year on average, this was what it was and so having the system yeah it’s, a big upfront cost. But after around 11 years you don’t ever like he paid it off.

You know what I mean you don’t. It’s like you’re, never paying for power again yeah and it’s. It’s stable it’s like you, don’t have to worry about the grid anymore. So you you, don’t have to worry about like if your power goes out.

When is it going to come back on and that’s? One thing that we were very subjected to in Florida and was power outages, especially during hurricane seasons, and I mean power – went out pretty randomly, I would say, probably at least once every other month we’d.

Have it right outage if something else there kind of just keep in mind, is that we look actually worked in the service industry back home. You know we didn’t, have some crazy six-figure job or something we literally.

We worked in restaurants. We saved up our money for years, we sold our home and use that money and that’s. How we’re doing all of this, so my point is: is that if we can do it with those circumstances, I’m sure a lot of you have even better circumstances that you could figure it out if you really wanted to It may take some time, but you have to start in some way, so we’ll link down below the are some of our previous videos, the DIY solar panel ground mount and also the videos on me wiring, the entire system.

So if that’s, something that interests you we’ll, have the links down below in the description