Tiny House Runs Completely On Solar Energy

[, Music ], hey guys it’s, Doug Schrader with timber craft, tiny homes and Guntersville Alabama. I wanted to show you our latest build. This is a 28 foot plus seven foot, gooseneck tiny-home for a total of 35 feet long.

It’s, eight and a half feet wide. Thirteen and a half feet tall. It’s, got the nice rustic cedar, siding on it and the aluminum clad windows. Those are all Sierra Pacific, casements and awnings. The trailer is three seven thousand pound axles with brakes.

This home is running on full solar, so we’ve, tucked the mini split air conditioner unit. Up underneath here, we & # 39; ve also got the inverter and the samalex inverter there and the battery charger, and this house can run completely off grid inside the small storage compartment here is where all the batteries are stored does have a propane tank, less water.

Here the exhaust for that outside plugs and you still have a on grid option to tie it to the grid, to either charge the batteries or operate the house on the grid. There’s. Your pressure, regulated water, inlet, sewer outlet on the side, the Home has scissor jacks on the corners to level and stabilize it.

It’s also got D rings, welded to the frame for security and storms. Things like that outside water faucets are standard on our tiny homes. This home is designed on our boxcar style. With the single sloped roof it’s, got a low pitch roof, which gives you a lot of extra room inside versus the dormers and the a-frame [ Music ] you.

This is a nice living room area right here. As you come in to the kitchen living space. It has a bedroom on either end for a little bit of privacy in both areas, so the living room has a bar top in the back of the kitchen here.

For a little extra eating space, also as you head towards the bathroom there’s, a wardrobe here with hanging storage in it for your clothes drawer down here and some extra storage for shoes and things like that down there.

This is a nice stain pocket door closing off the bathroom space. So this one’s, got a really nice custom. Bathroom it’s, got a large cast-iron tub. Clawfoot tub it’s, got a nice vanity vessel sink with a wall-mount faucet.

For that real farmhouse. Rustic look also comes with a separate compost toilet here and then across from it is your laundry area. So you & # 39. Ve got a washer/dryer combo, you & # 39. Ve got some shelves for linens, a nice drawer and storage here, also a big linen cabinet below the stairway as well.

You um and some of them have tip ups. There. It’s, got enough room for a full-size or even a queen bed up there with plugins and light switches, make a nice bedroom space or or just extra storage or hangout space.

If you, this is the kitchen, has a 24 inch range and oven, stainless steel, gasps, of course, nice-sized fridge with a freezer on the bottom big stainless steel sink and the butcher block countertops there’s, no upper cabinets on this.

There will be shelving built in by the customer. This is a spice rack, pull out that we did beside the refrigerator all the doors. Cabinets are soft closed hardware, so they drift shut slowly. The home is heated and cooled with a high-efficiency mini-split air conditioner, 12,000 BTU.

So going upstairs, of course we got this the stairs with the storage drawers in each step. Long storage drawers, you notice. This is a stand-up bedroom which is standard in all of our gooseneck tiny homes.

So I’m about six foot. One plenty of room on the low side. The high side is about seven foot tall. It has a storage cabinet here built in it’s, not hanging storage. We will have shelving for for clothing a queen bed built in with a headboard shelving and storage in there.

You & # 39. Ve got a couple, smaller drawers here for more private items, and then you have the big storage drawers here along the side. Real big and deep, and then here’s a this one. There’s a door, and it has it’s.

A deep long storage goes in there anything that’s long and bigger store in there. The whole home is lit with LED lights, very high efficiency, low energy consumption LED lights so and there’s. Of course, USB plugs in places by the bed for charging phones and things like that.

All the windows in the home do open. They come with screens. The screens are not on right now, where they will open up their awning style windows, which allows you to have the window open. Even when there’s a little bit of rain or moisture coming down, you can still get some fresh air ventilation there.

Sierra Pacific clad windows, so that’s. The tour of this custom – 28 foot tiny house thanks for watching check us out at timber crafts, tiny homes, calm, [, Music, ], you guys signature Hardware cast-iron sink up, shoot started.