The Ultimate RV Solar Power Setup


Hey guys, we got a new solar setup on the RV. It’s four times more powerful than our last one. So come with me, I’ll. Give you a quick tour of the setup. We have three giant panels up here, so each of these panels is 155 watts and, as you can see, no shaded cells this time when here’s, the brains of our solar setup.

The main reason we went with a kit was the 3000 watt, pure sine inverter versus our old 1200 watt modified sine inverter. The pure sine allows you to run anything just like household a/c. The kit also came with a smart battery charger and this pre-wired transfer switch that switches us from 50 amp to 30 amp or solar power.

We also installed the circuit breaker, which powers additional outlets in our bathroom living room and kitchen. Now you’ve. Seen all the technical stuff, let me show you how we monitor it. All the solar extreme kit also comes with the inverter remote control.

You can see the voltage of your batteries and when you flip on an appliance like a water boiler, you can see it’s, pulling 40 percent of your power. The last piece of our kit is the solar controller. Right now you can see our batteries are 100 %.

We’re only pulling in point six amps for the Sun because we’re fully charged and our battery reading is at thirteen point four thirteen point two. So I’ve just turned on a water boiler, the heavy use of’pliance.

You can see when we start pulling those batteries. The solar starts coming in. We’re, bringing in twenty four point: seven amps from our solar power, so that’s, pretty sweet as soon as that thing shuts off our batteries will almost instantly be charged.

We also got this 120 watt portable solar kit, so the kit comes with this good carrying case, which is great for us, because we can throw it in the back. All of our other junk it’s, really simple. To use just unclip open it up see all the guts here.

So this baby is all ready to charge your batteries. It’s, got the built-in solar charge controller. All the wiring pre done for you, so all you have to do is connect it to your battery to get it ready.

All you do unwrap your cord pop out. This guy do the same here, put it up, adjust it to the Sun plug in and we’re charging. I think it’s, a great addition to our solar setup, because we can capture that early morning.

The light when the Sun is really low same in the evening also, when we’re camping in the trees off the cord, we can pull this thing out, run it into the Sun and still charge our batteries over the next couple months.

We pushing the system to the limits so stay tuned. We’ll, let you know exactly what we can do with this much power.