Stealth Van Build GHOST – Solar with Tiny Watts Solar – Solar Roof Deck and Custom Solar Kit

The beautiful thing, while tiny watts is they have a fabricator Noah. You guys remember him from Rooney Racing’s video! You’re in the house of a pattern that’s. What they like to say, they’re in the house of a fabricator, because this is Brent shop and Brent is the fabricator and they rent space from Brent.

That often right today, we’re gonna. I think we’re gonna try and tackle. Well, I’m, really not doing much. I’m kind of just overseeing it less and Noah. We’re gonna put the rails on top the piece for the panel.

It doesn’t get here till tomorrow, so we’re gonna show that tomorrow I think we’re gonna start with the electrical box, and I’ll show you guys that in a little bit, So which that’s done in watts office.

This is the box. Is custom, made fabricated by Rudy racing here and all the weights down, because that’s, how it’s gonna lay it’s. All steel and powder-coated there’s. Gon na be a CM panels. Aluminum composite panels be pretty much the walls of this and you guys will see how that happens.

But this is what tiny watts does. This is their custom boxes that they do or their custom solar kiss. I should say it was what they do. You can actually this one’s custom-made for me, because, while I’m special – and I put them on their solar kits – are a little bit different design looking, but it’s, usually over the wheel wall.

Mine is a lower profile because of the way that my design is so we have the four batteries they’re gonna go on the other side in this channel over here and run. This is where the wheel well is going to be right.

Right along here it’s. Gon na go on the passenger side of the vehicle. Everything else is gonna be housed right in here, and then it’s. Gon na be a wiring nightmare, although he makes it look really easy when he does it.

I’ll. Do a time-lapse footage of that, but he does some really really cool stuff when he does wiring, he gets in the zone and he just kills. It this is a custom box by tiny watt, solar. You can get solar kits.

I’ve talked about it many times before it’s, really really really exciting stuff. I can’t. Imagine doing all this. What’s nice about his solar kits? Is they’re, literally just plug-and-play kits where you can they’re on like butt splices and you he hasn’t already for you and you run it to his panels.

All my panels are gonna be on this side which are facing outside the van, and you guys will see all of that throughout this video. Let’s. Go back to work! That’s. Why? I’m dressed this way and raggedy clothes, so I am helping them out as much as I can.

I don’t know as much as they do. Obviously, but I’m gonna go back to work. I’m here with the one and only oh snap wes is working on. I guess the platform for the panel solar roof deck solar roof deck.

This is like custom of all customs. Your custom, this whole project is the old project of custom. I would not be anywhere without him and Dan savanna. Of course, we’re, making your solar roof deck. This is actually Gen 1.

So I don’t really care too much about exposing too much of the secret sauce. Here. Okay, our new version of our roof deck, as you know, yeah different yeah. Much lighter much lighter part of it, but you’re gonna get a really low pro system, which is more your priority than necessarily being able to go up there and walk on it.

Mhm, although you will be able to mmm, this system is actually than our current model, but if our model is just the Lowepro super low bro, is it super low pro right yeah? Basically, we’re. Looking at you know, in addition to your factory rails, hmm were another inch above that, so it’s, half inch double stack or one inch off use that isn’t amazing.

Yet, and you lost I don’t. How many pounds, but you lost from Jen one Jen, quite a bit of weight. You lost probably like a hundred pounds: huh yeah cuz. We’re, looking at 90 plus, probably 80, and then we’re reduced.

Now, to like 40, we changed the substrate right so yeah. Basically, you’re. Getting our old roof deck. You’re, a friend of ours. We’re, giving you our old roof deck l-series anyway. He did pay for it.

Maybe we don’t tell them that we game, you guys are changing your roof deck on your bed, yes, and we literally, I actually didn’t. I’m, able fill that video in there you taking your panel off that’s. Not this isn’t.

The most sketch thing we’ve, seen all day nothing and zero, Laughter, and there’s. My panel Noah is back. Noah is also helping Wes right now. You want to want to be on camera buddy the noise making the noise maker nose back in so they’re gonna get back to work alone with us.

myself, south, as you guys know, is what’s. His fiance’s, gonna be what yeah, so she right now is putting together what the hell are you doing. Well, I’m, locking everything up making sure every every component has its place.

So I’m kind of just sketching it all out where it’s. Gon na go so when it, you know, lands here. It’s. All gonna look straight clean and you’re, doing a fantastic job yeah. I appreciate it in red, so I can really see what’s going on yep and it’s.

Okay, if she mocks the panel, because this is a peel off part of the panel right yeah – I see I’m bored yeah, just peel it right off. That comes right off, but they do this for all their kits its custom, and I just found out that it’s, not the easiest of layouts, but that’s.

Okay, yeah and you guys have all of your switches here. I don’t know what all this stuff is all the breakers. That’s right, so I can vent out all the heat that the inverter is out right. A lot of people always think that, like like tiny wasps is like one man shown here, but it’s.

It’s. No, there’s. Two there’s, two yeah it’s, a big team and honestly they would not be where they are without them. Working together, they definitely work off each other. They’re, phenomenal working with each other.

No, they don’t get sick of each other. I spent a month of you guys. Sometimes we all do, but they they obviously live together and work together. Yeah all right. She does all her lay out there. She’s.

Gon na be wiring this thing, so it’s, not just white guys. It’s Savannah. She does a fantastic job. Yes, you are very funny scene. By the way she does way more computer work than West us , .

Well, guys. I promise to show you the the ups and the downs to Van building, and this is an episode I don’t even know three. This is the solar episode. We need more time. This is uh, maybe not the down, but we definitely, I put them on a time constraint.

It’s. Now, 1:00 a.m. the girls are probably passed out. Wes’s is working. His buns off Travis is definitely helping. I’m keeping the toilet here for a minute and the toilet. In my van, the my porta potty and I’m holding a camera but plusses busting out this.

So a jump starts which pretty much he’s. Wiring, a switch, a cover slide on that he just created a starter, a like a switch that could literally jumpstart my van if it’s ever dead in the middle of nowhere, and I have nobody around the batteries I have in my van are Lithium batteries, but the van battery is technically an AGM battery, so you just created a switch that could literally jump start the van it’s like jumper cables, but with a switch that’s, pretty cool for when you’Re like down there in Costa Rica, you know hanging out having a good night partying on the beach.

You leave your lights on in the middle of the sand all by yourself, and then you wake up the next day and it’s. A beautiful sunny day with ufg lights on this one is extremely custom. He’s, normally not wiring from above that one in the morning he’s, custom, go style, Wes and Silvana from tiny quartz.

So, love that here we are look at this another power center. What you cannot see are all the beautiful things inside yeah. Do you like this white on white, the one on what is bad in a good way? The best way, especially with her custom attorney, wants a career here at the bright art.

I love it. I love it. We have our DC distribution, you have four batteries: alternator charger DC distribution, solar input, solar output and Shore power, wait a minute West. None of that is is labeled for me.

How do I get a hold of it? Oh, we did not rehearse this by the way for DC distribution all turning out in out and AC. It look at that and then you got your main 30 amp breaker, which we have off right now, because you haven’t tied in the rest of your 120 volt circuits.

But you have four independent 20 amp circuits that you can dedicate to an induction, cooktop insta pot, electric kettle, all those types of things. Oh, these are all your 12 volt loads on the far right there and then this you’re gonna be 120 volt distribution, and you have two fuses in there already.

So we’re running stuff. You’re on your radiant heat right now, man yeah, we got it is your but warm yeah. What we’re doing. I mean everything’s full right now, so we’re, not really charging like crazy cuz.

It’s. Just topping off your batteries. There you go, but let’s see we got 100 %. We love seen hundred percent, but right now we’re, getting 312 watts. It’s, just topping off your battery bank. So it’s not but yeah.

You’re, getting 22 amps from that from our from your solar deck, and then we can login to the battery, monitor and check your battery. Let’s, see similar thing. What’s? Gon na be cool about this on both sides, you’ll, be able to look at your history and it’ll.

Tell you like maximum discharge and charges, but for the solar output production. This is pretty cool cuz, like on your road trip. Right now check this out. This ego bingo-bango right here on the history function.

It’ll end up showing you this graph, so you could log. You know, months of generation, output and yeah. Oh today, we got maximum output, 390 watts, 30 watt hours so mark. But you know eventually that’ll, be like 1.

2 kilowatt hours and you’ll, get to figure out how many battery is per day. You’ve, been filling up from you. I’m, your solar, so it’s, a beautiful thing, isn’t it, and then you got all the batteries just laid out right there in the back.

This is gonna, be a wall that’s. Why we have our fans yeah. We’re, a little upset about these, but Jared’s. Gon na build a wall here, so we’re gonna be okay. I’m. Definitely gonna build a wall there, don’t.

You guys worry. I will not have your fasteners on display, but we actually have accessibility to the batteries in the in the front end and we have accessibility through the top and heat rises. I love it.

I believe that was your idea self. It was she’s. Smart, she is that’s word on the street, my god yeah, so they are eating right now, because literally I’ve taken up pretty much 36 hours of their time and I don’t think they’Ve eaten or slept now you guys did like my fantastic job on this.

We only waited to the last day before you have to do it, but yeah fair enough, fair enough, but it was worth it. It was definitely worth it now. Lauren Lauren right now is taking some photos of it, so you guys can see it all over tiny watt solar website.

This is 220 watt. Solar cars have one now, but by the time this comes out it’ll, be up and running don & # 39. T worry, you guys did a hungry yeah. When you don’t sleep needy they did. They did the probably the tightest kit I’ve ever seen, and I’ve.

Seen I’ve. Seen quite a few kits, not a man, it was it was. It was yeah. It was an interesting layout. I mean half of its in your house and half of its in your garage. It’s, pretty cool it’s, really cool.

Actually it’s, definitely a custom job and I think West said that about 14 million times, while doing it blends really well under man, so kind of scared, its ghostly. No, it came out nice and I think you’ll, be happy when you go to build your kitchen and you have the ability to have those deep drawers about me real well yeah.

I will I’m gonna. Thank you guys. Every day it’s, gonna be sad. I just want to say thank you to obviously Wes and Savannah from tiny watt solar, but just to reiterate what we have in here. What Wes and Savannah did for me.

We have a 500 watt solar deck, which is a walkable solar panel. I have, I guess, the custom full send model, which is 400 amp hours of lithium. It is a 30 200 watt inverter. It is a beautiful charge, controller.

It is a you got a solar jump-start, which means I can jump. My van alternator Chargers, alternator charger shore power, you actually upgraded, because the full send typically just comes with a standard 420 watt panel.

It does the update you upgraded, which is possible, which anybody can do it. Not just ghost. Are you guys gonna be selling a ghost kit? We could? You may just have to yeah. Eventually we’ll, see you can it? You can email them at info at tiny watt, solar calm.

It takes a few days cuz. We’re staying up till 3:00 in the morning working on solar projects, all right that was kind of a that was a low blow. We definitely say we definitely stayed up until like 258 last night working on the van and then we finished it off this morning me and Wes got up, we tried, we did.

We did, although you missed the call sorry Perry shout out to you buddy and wife, Nicole yep, yeah white people. There you go alright guys they get a run. Actually they’re gonna San Jose to pick up some more products for your clients.

Yes, it’s, really exciting stuff. Actually it’s, really exciting. Yeah, alright, see you guys. He’s out