So Close To Solar Power We Can TASTE IT!

Stay forty-five off-grid, no power, no in or not no coffee, smoothies or hair straightener. You know the essentials how many more days around [ Music ]? What’s up guys welcome back to another episode. So what’s good? I’m delirious cuz.

It’s cold. So I don’t know how to say hello, yeah, let’s. Just start yeah. It’s. It’s, pretty pretty chilly. Today. There’s, a there’s, been a cold front come through and we’re not used to this kind of weather.

We’re acclimated to Florida weather. We grew up there, so it’s. It’s cold for us, it’s like in the 40s somewhere and very very windy. Like Florida, doesn’t get this windy unless it’s. Hurricane going on, I’m like a Florida.

Peacock and this weather is trying to make me like an Arctic polar bear, big old peacock. You just got ta. Let me fly today. We are working on mounting finishing mounting and everything up here, so the inverters is already kinda in place, and so is the charge controller.

If you can see right there, she’s, hiding the inverter. So, of course, the batteries are mounted so everything’s uh, so we’ll. Have all that mounted today and honestly start on worried me or worrying, like the junction box, or not the junction box, the breaker box and cutoff switch and stuff like that? As long as the frost, doesn & # 39, t kill us first, hmm it’s, not really frost.

It’s. Just it’s. Really there’s no price by weekend’s end. We get power, I mean as long as the alright. Well, we don’t wan na scare. Our viewers huh, we’re getting fever, so we’re gonna finish. That stuff up is that Jack Atlanta on her nose.

Sure, teller yeah, hopefully today and then we also need to address the leak in the roof. The you guys, yeah, I don’t know if we showed him that yeah, I guess we yeah right. Well, we came home to, and we noticed before was all the way like cuz it just started down porn like we’ve kind of rain here a couple times, but not quite like this in like four and we came in and the floors wet.

Look, Oh No, there’s, no need somewhere there. Is it’s? What the rain slow down to it’s, not leaking right now, but you can see the dripping right there. So now we’ve, set up a bucket until the morning where I can get up there and check out see what’s leaking replace any old fasteners up there and by silicon.

So this is real life right now we’re sleeping and a little hippie hut with a bucket that’s catching a week right on our bed come home to me, soaking wet. We come back for bears on her bed seeking higher ground.

You know I wish I had. I know where do you wish you, my Snuggie, if I had to give it away [ Music ], I’m off grid, no power, no internet, no coffee! Smoothies or hair straightener, you know the essentials.

How many more days are we gonna go another 45. So what’s gonna run and connect to what so up there? We have our charge controller yeah right here. If you can see this pipe comes in from the outside from the solar panels, it’s, buried underground, two feet comes up over comes into the charge controller and then from the charge controller.

I want to have a pipe come out. Go into the junction box into the junction box, it will distribute the voltage down into the batteries and then from the batteries. It can go back to the junction box into the inverter.

The inverter does its thing. Then it comes. I & # 39. Ll have a connection on the bottom come out. I’ll. Have a AC disconnect right here, just a 60 amp disconnect. This thing only puts out 4000 Watts, so I have a 60 mm disconnect and then I’ll.

Have a small breaker panel, which will distribute the all the power to in here and future into the shop and also a power that goes that wool I’ll have another PVC system that’ll, go down underground and into the shipping Containers so sounds like you got quite a bit to do: huh, [, Music, ] yeah were those people right now that ride ourselves, little notes to stay motivated.

This is our current one just feel a little daily dose of inspiration. All right show you guys how I’m making my jumpers for my battery, because all I’m doing with those batteries are running them in parallel, which just means I’m running all the positives together and all the Negatives together, which just make it one giant battery, essentially all the same voltage, so they’ll, all be roughly 60 volts, but it’ll have like 400 amp hours or something like that at 60 volts.

So the jumpers – all I did – was cut some 2 gauge wire cut it strip the insulation off the end and then put this copper connector on and then put some heat shrink over it or crimped it down. Excuse me, I crimped it on and then put some heat shrink over it.

I’ll, go ahead and show you guys that that little process just take this [ Applause, ] all right, so chirps, maybe half of an inch off, and then I have these copper lugs. Then I’m, just gonna fit it on there and then take and got a nice little little.

Crimp won’t focus in, but it’s. Nice and crimped won’t, be able to get that off. So then I’ll. Just take some heat-shrink three-quarter inch. I believe it is heat, shrink and apply it to that connector and finished product.

Roughly looks like this. I have to bend the ends, and just so I can get the fits on the terminals batteries, so the positive is the side without a fuse and negative is obviously the few size. So once I get this in it’ll.

Look roughly like that, and I have to the reason why I bend them in is so. I can clear this plastic right here: [ Music ] all along getting out, but you don’t seem to forget about yourself wondering how it comes around, but he didn’t call for [ Music ] all right.

Well, I think it as much done as I like between trying to video everything and I mean making sure triple checking everything that I have right. So majority of this is wired up. I mean I still got a. I made all my all my jumpers for the batteries.

This is obviously negative, but all those are made the all. This is good from the inverter from the charge controller inverter everything’s wired up. I have wired up this AC Dix, the 60 amp AC disconnect and then that’ll, go up to my breaker box, which I’ll work on tomorrow and after I get the that wired up, I’ll run one Outlet for in here just for basic needs – and I don’t – think we & # 39.

Ll really need more than one outlet in here so bear with us. We this is taking a slightly bit longer than I expected, but I mean actually the entire project so far as taking Hawaiian slightly longer than expected.

This should be up and running here this week that’s, where we stand right now and I would like to say this will be done tomorrow, but it & # 39. Ll probably be done three weeks from now it’ll, be this is literally all we’re working on right now like this is the priority, but you got to take it slow because you know we don’t want Spencer, to get electrocuted so that’s.

Priority yeah, death or destruction of equipment is a thing I trying to avoid yeah. So no, I think you’re moving at a good pace, so I’m like triple checking everything. Every wire every connection every how tight everything [ Music, ]