Reading Solar Energy Digital Meters

What’s up guys how y & # 39? All doing as you can see, this super sign you outside, not even one cloud out here. So what I’m gonna put to the test is one of these hundred watt solar chargers. Let’s, see if I can charge up my phone pretty fast.

I can’t believe how bright it is. This is probably the best that will do watching this out a bunch of adaptors car jumper. You can charge up your body on your car, but this is what I actually want to put to the test out here.

This USB plugs wow that’s. Pretty big nice first impression is pretty big. The Sun is pretty much on top and it’s, hitting it right at the Sun light indicated here is mince its own. I think it looks like red or green, like I know how to see right now and super bright.

Okay. Now let’s, plug it into the phone charging and of you guys can see it so bright. It’s, a 19 % 146. Let’s, come back in at 30 minutes or so and see how much is going to charge up my phone up my phone over here.

Okay, let’s, see how long has been wild 61 % just from solar panels. That is amazing. I can’t believe it can. You guys see it yeah 61 % and it’s been a little bit more than 30 minutes amazing partner side.

Here you can see there’s. Anything’s. You can hang him up. Wild lightweight super super skinny thumbs up for me, putting into my survival section that’s for sure very nice check this out super thin super portable.

Now let’s fold it back up. I don’t even know how to fold it. I guess like this and hope that works, and then you got one of those things. Gosh is so hot yeah. If you’re, not using it, I & # 39. Ll. Definitely keep it away from the Sun.

Give you much longer longevity boom Wow love. It then goes on one of these case. You say yes, bag is definitely cheaply made. It seems like the waiting for an apology, but that doesn’t matter and I guess the rest of the stuff.

You’re gonna go on this fight. [ Applause, ],