Our First REAL attempt at Solar Power on the HOMESTEAD

Good morning modern setters one chickens, moose ready for breakfast morning, girls, you ready for breakfast. I see if I finished off all your lettuce. You ready right back there morning feels like the ocean weather today.

It’s, sticky, sticky and warm. I need some more grain. Does it automatically refill itself, yeah [, Music ] good morning, girls who’s gonna be at the door? I hope your PIN Norah IV good morning hope he’s most to hold you Petey.

You get outside yeah good morning Maggie. I’m telling you, I think IBS hopes little buddy there. You go! Oh, that wasn’t nice come on in yeah, you’re done willow. It’s. Gon na be a noisy morning on the homestead and in fact we got ta go as ago.

[, Music, ], ready, [ Music ] come on in. Ladies, what do you think of all the noise you like it [ Laughter, ], ready morning boys, you’re gonna finish your clearing job today, huh finish eating all that brush out here and then we can move it tomorrow, the next day, and You’re, getting it eaten down pretty good over here.

We’re, so close to being able to move them. That’s. What it looked like just the other day, the noise Iman in here huh, buttercup, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ]. I’ve, never done much with solar power, and I want to start learning more and more about it.

This is my first real attempt with solar power. We’ve done the little solar, energizes and stuff here in there around the farm, but we & # 39. Ve got this big panel. We got it powering a battery that feeds the electric energizer for our fence, but we also be running power off of this to run to the greenhouse, but we don’t have a charge controller.

So right now I’ll plug the battery in for a day and then I’ll. Leave it on plugged into drains. I’ll plug it back in. So what I got here is a solar charge controller. We’re, going to mount it here and what this does is it takes.

The power from the solar panel goes into this little box, and then it runs it to the battery and then back out to what your power, and so when your battery is full, it’ll shut it off. So if you don’t, have this: it’ll, overcharge your battery and ruin your battery.

So I want to take my battery out for now, so we can work in here. I figure. This is a perfect little project to start learning. Solar on let’s, move this solar charge. Controller also has a couple of USB ports, and then we’ll.

Get this installed right here. The beehives are right here and they’re, pretty active. Hopefully we don’t get stung while we’re working on our solar. So I learn by doing if I’m, doing something wrong leave it in the comments down below and then that way I & # 39.

Ll know for next time that’s. Why, for me it’s, a perfect project to learn on let’s. Get this wire routed here BAM. I’ll clean off our casing. This is a nice heavy-duty wire, the solar panels from premier, one where I got the electric fence and the base.

So we need to get our solar panel power here then go to our battery here and then whatever else were powering before going from the solar panel to the battery from the battery the energizer and what that’ll do.

Is it’ll end up frying your battery because it’s just constantly charging and it’ll over target and kill it. I know we just put it on it. We’ll, take it off, so we can see it better. That way, I can show you guys what we’re doing.

This is a really inexpensive solar charge controller just to get our feet wet and dabble in it. Let’s, tighten it up so now, right now, just from having that solar panel hooked up it’s, showing us that we’re getting 20 volts and that we’re missing our battery.

So we need to install that next, but that’s, pretty wild all right. So let’s, get the positive and the negative in yeah hook this up to the battery and see what we get for a readings in the oh. So we had twelve point: eight volts to the battery battery is charged all right.

Let me get this charge controller back in please all right. Let’s. Put our power leads back up to the battery, so it’ll charge it you want. These leads as short as possible for the fence energizer. I’m gonna hook it up to our battery.

Also, I am I’ll. Get this split back in place plug our Energizer back in now for the next week is telling I’m, keeping an eye on this, making sure it’s operating the way I wanted to operate as long as all that’s going good, we’ll hook up our greenhouse to it.

We need to get a blower motor installed on our greenhouse. We have two layers of greenhouse plastic. We need to inflate the two layers. This will give it more of an insulating value. So we can grow longer throughout the winter time.

Right now it seems to be working the way it’s supposed to be working. You guys have any suggestions or recommendations leave in the comments down below. By no means am I, the solar expert. You, ladies, have really been getting the pea harvest this year, trying to make sure I check this crazy past any like.

Where was this one, and that was almost like tas and this one crazy look at this one. That’s. Gon na have some big old piece yeah that was almost like get into that. That’s a nice P. Thank you. Oh look at how big my hold on you can’t put yours in you.

How are you doing big piece? Okay, ready, yep right, see it! I’m ready to see your cucumber look at that the biggest one so far, nice so happening, and I did see a bee, but it wasn’t our bee. It wasn’t.

One of our buddy Jude has been in here hand pollinating some of the cucumbers and we’re gonna trim back the zucchinis and summer squash. We can get in there and yeah I tried to, but it’s too bushy. In now, you should be able to get in there and hand pollinate the zucchini flowers and summer squash flowers.

Our Tomatoes are going crazy, but the cucumbers and zucchini and summer squash that need pollinators to pollinate aren’t doing as well. So we got to get in here and can’t colony. Let’s. Stick these in the compost, pile so Gina’s, finding the male flowers, putting some pollen on her paintbrush and then getting in the female flower.

And if I can pollinating that, I got some Poland that’s. Some pollen from a male flower. What happens if they don’t get pollinated enough. They start to grow like this one right here and then they rocked and that’s because they weren’t pollinated enough and that’s.

What’s happening right now? Is we’re? Losing a lot of the zucchinis because they’re, not getting pollinated enough. We got to feel right here this one and this one that are doing really good, and this one did.

You ever think you’d, be using zucchini pollen to paint with, even though we have our beehives right here, the bees are not coming in the greenhouse [ Music ], the camera mail, starting to bring some bees in.

That is a good sign. Now I need to go visit the zucchini in the summer squash, oh yeah, we got a chamomile growing up right yeah. Why don’t? We planted more caramel in between the zucchinis and summer squash next year, who help bringing pollinators it decided to rain out, and we got blue sky right there.

The whole play won’t. Last too long. We have a pork chop and some leftover steak from dinner this week and we trying to thing about what to do it. I was like it’s, a good night for Mexican. We’re gonna make some fajitas with it.

So I’m gonna get my marinade going for the meal wait. Is it gonna be spicy? No, he’s. Gon na be flavorful, but not spicy, flavor close fine. Maybe we don’t. Yes, I weird that spicy people I got a quarter of a cup of avocado oil.

I’m gonna need a teaspoon of sugar. We need a quarter of a teaspoon of cumin. Well, it smells good. I got an eighth of a teaspoon right here, so I’m gonna go one two: it calls for fresh garlic, but we broke our garlic press the other day.

So I’m gonna use garlic powder. What do you want in the phone is fine, so we’ll use powder. Maybe it will come in. I was hoping I was going to I’m gonna. Do two teaspoons garlic powder, my favorite tool and you broken.

I know I did I’m gonna do one and a half teaspoons of paprika, one teaspoon of onion powder and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. We’re using Redmon’s, give it a good stir: [ Music ], oh yeah, I’m gonna cover it and put it in the refrigerator for at least a half an hour.

I’m glad that rain stops that would not have been fun doing chores than that going down hard sure was. It goes moose. I guess the goats don’t want to come out after that ring. Now grass is wet. You hungry moose there’s, always one strangle, straggler strangler come on there.

You go how many eggs twelve, how many look at all them people’s for the goats, I say 13. How many are you thinking? The broody hens must still be in here: [, Music, ], [, Laughter, ], nine, eleven thirteen.

I said it 13. I think I said I think the chickens will eat those yeah. We have a couple tantor you don’t even show Harley. She loves the pea pods you just want to eat. You want to try some coke hope that’s, not like treats a couple more days.

Hope you know we get nature sounds I don’t know I got ta find out. I’m, not sure you have me stumped one minute. I think you’re pregnant and then one minute I don’t buttercup. You boys, like in the pea pods today, I pretty sure the last time you gave him two um um.

They they had like it was like their first day being this paddock, so they are more interested in their basket of flowers. Okay would eat. Like half Caleb. You had a lot already. They moved some more dirt around for you, so that rock that used to be right where that Kubota is, I have to go over and show them how big it is.

Nothing’s, a monster you gonna come and get some pig food. It was like now I don’t wan na see the pigs. What are you guys doing? Gina should give you the pea pods. First, if I give you the grain, you’re, not gonna touch them.

You’re enjoying those p-pods. Here I’ll pop them off with some grain. There you go mmm that’s crazy. We sure do know how to grow the rocks around here at Lemna a KERS your ladies gonna come with. Maybe I’ll.

Give you some more grain, ladies pasta. More grain give it cheer right here on the seed there, you go [ Laughter, ], we’re waiting for you come on there. You go stay in there this time. Thank you! [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ].

All right move the chicken coop forward a bit how’s that night, while they’re sleeping in here, they’re, pooling good [ Applause ]. Well, we won’t, be cooking out on the grill tonight, decided to stop raining again.

We’re gonna preheat, the cast-iron skillet get that warming up can’t. Wait. We’re, getting our own peppers on the greenhouse mmm [ Music, ]. Listen to that rain. It’s, so relaxing I guess that makes me feel like any a nap.

I she & # 39. S got a. I need a nap before dinner. Can you do it without crying? Usually, but now you, I start crying. You’re, doing it next time, oh yeah, more! Ah one more! That’s, a perfect! Listen to that! Oh holy smokes! It’s too much rain so down not so fast get our onions and peppers sauteing.

So those onions and peppers smell good to you. What the problem is you don’t like the rain too loud for you, huh man, that’s, a mouse thunder and here comes the rain again. Gon na add our I’m gonna add our median.

That’s, been sitting in the marinade books and smells delicious Wow. I guess we’re eating in the dark, because there goes the power well, we ended up getting over an inch in a quarter of rain. In today, we got just about an inch of rain in less than a half an hour.

The power ended up coming back on after about an hour and a half, and we went out to lock up the animals. We had seen how much of our driveway and road go washed away. It’s kind of crazy. How powerful rain is when it comes down that fast, we & # 39.

Ll have to show you some of the damage in tomorrow’s. Video thanks for coming along on our homesteading journey with us guys. You’re, a true blessing to us in our homestead, and I’ll. See you right back here in the next video at alumni: acres!