Jackery Explorer 1000 : Mini Solar Power System



The Jackery Solar Power Station is making waves in the market, boasting impressive features such as a regulated DC output, a 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter, and a state-of-charge meter integrated into the solar charge controller. In this review, we will delve into the details of this solar power station, exploring its design, performance, and charging capabilities.


Exterior Overview

At first glance, the Jackery Solar Power Station may not seem revolutionary, as its exterior closely resembles other models in the lineup. However, upon closer inspection, its sheer size becomes apparent, particularly when compared to the 291-hour and 241-hour models. This review will explore whether the increased size translates to enhanced functionality and performance.


Solar Input Performance

The solar input performance of the Jackery Solar Power Station is a crucial aspect to consider. With a maximum input voltage of thirty volts, we tested its capability to harness solar power. The review outlines the results of connecting a power supply, mimicking solar panel conditions, and evaluates the efficiency and maximum input values specified in the manual.


AC Charging Comparison

To provide a comprehensive assessment, we compared the solar charging capabilities with AC charging. The review includes insights into the charging speed, efficiency, and whether the solar input or AC charging is more favorable for the Jackery Solar Power Station.


Inverter Efficiency

A critical factor in evaluating solar power stations is inverter efficiency. The review explores the inverter efficiency of the Jackery model, shedding light on its performance under different loads and conditions. Additionally, it delves into the impact of a low state of charge on the charging speed.


Capacity Test and Analysis

Conducting a capacity test is essential to determine the practicality and reliability of the Jackery Solar Power Station. The review details the process of fully charging the unit, followed by a discharge test to assess its actual capacity. The accuracy and efficiency of the inverter during this process are thoroughly examined.


Comparison with Competing Models

To assist potential buyers in making an informed decision, the review compares the Jackery Solar Power Station with other models in the market, such as the EcoFlow Delta and Blue Eddi. The analysis includes factors like charging speed, input voltage capacity, and overall value for money.


Conclusion and Recommendation

Based on the comprehensive review, the article concludes with an analysis of whether the Jackery Solar Power Station is a worthy investment. Factors such as price, performance, and customer service are considered to provide a balanced recommendation to potential buyers.