How to run an AC unit on solar power

Okay, so I just bought well, I just got 300 watt 300 watt panels from Harbor Freight, and I’m, going to try to set it up and run a couple of portable air conditioners with it. I got a 2000 watt power, inverter, two of them and four batteries.

All these solar panel kits came with a charge controller one, each one for each hundred watts. So yeah I’m, going to take on a little project right now and see. I might end up getting stuck cooking or doing something else yeah.

So today we went to Harbor Freight and got a three of these 100 watt solar panels, and it comes with this little kit here comes with the charge regulator and all the connections comes with a couple light bulbs which I probably won’t even Be using, but that’s, pretty cool because I’ll, probably set them up somewhere in my house, just the light bulbs out, putting these of course, but yeah.

I really couldn’t, find any deals to set up any solar energy in my house away. We got these and we’re, going to try to run to AC units off of it and I think it’s. Actually, more than enough to get one of these 25 watts of panels right now is wired directly into the charge regulator right here and as you see, I kind of turn on the AC so drop my battery level down, but it’s.

Charging pretty quick, it was down to two bars. Now it’s, going back up to almost full, so I got it hooked up to one battery right now that’s, a brand-new battery. We got four batteries altogether. That should be more than enough to run two AC units all day, plus there’s, 12 25 watt panels and I’Ve got two 2000 watt power inverters from DC to AC, and then I got that AC unit wall unit. Right now, because we got a bigger unit in the house, we should be able to run as an energy saver. I’m, going to be running this off of pretty much just solar energy and right now.

This is a big, mostly running off the battery life, because we only got one panel up, but let’s check it out here. Don’t want us ready to turn off that inverter. Let’s, go turn on the politic. We’re, going to see this drop down once I do.

That is check there. We go. I didn’t really drop down by much all right. Let’s turn this on. That light is not flesh, it’s, actually solid. The camera makes it look like it’s. Flushing looks pretty crazy.

I’m excited about this. This is pretty awesome that I can run this a/c unit for free during the day, so right which here we got the battery connections just wire up directly to the battery here, charge it, and then we got these going directly to the power inverter.

Now this charged-up dies down pretty quick with just a 25 watt solar panel and plus the lighting right now is bad, so we’re. Not have we don’t. Have that much done right now, so yeah sorry about the mess.

I just opened everything: ever we’ve got a little excited and set it up, and tomorrow we should have all 12 of these panels put up on the roof and the full battery setup. Actually, I might have to go, get more wire, so I think I’m gonna start off just hooking up to wire to batteries.

I need more of these fat car battery wires. I probably get longer ones because I think I’m, going to put this inverter inside the house, and I want that batteries to just sit right outside the wall. I guess I didn’t need to buy screws well kind of it. [, Music, ] yeah, there you go it’s, pretty easy setup and we got this. It came also came with this splitter here, so we can hook up four solar panels to one charge regulator.

So I got the other three solar panels in there and I also got a 8 8 piece kit, so I can actually hook up 8 more solar panels. Yeah I don’t want to work with the solar stuff for a while now. So I’m, pretty excited! I’m like ecstatic about this [ Music! ] LEDs! Yes, if you want to make one of these just look at Harbor Freight, I’m, actually not making any money from them.

So I probably shouldn’t, be saying that but check it out. I’m. I’m, really happy with the system right now, because I just I expected to need two batteries to just run this one little AC unit. Apparently I alway need one.

Oh yes, you can also charge your phone off with it, for the charge regulator probably set up a mini solar thing just for camping. I go lady finally kicked on and let see the voltage dropped here right, yeah.

Now it’s going out cold air. This is awesome. Oh there you go once I get the other solar panels hooked up to this. This should work a lot better. So so far tonight this is what I got. I’m going to have to go, get a couple more things tomorrow.

I got six solar panels put on the roof and let the wires come in down from there. I’m going to clean this up tomorrow. I still got to build a box for these batteries and I got the charge controller right here set up for the morning, so I could start charging these batteries because I was playing with it a little bit.

I guess it’s only down one bar, so I got these two batteries connected to each other at this hole in the wall. Where I’m going to I, I’m, going to actually exchange these cables because I need some longer ones.

So I use these two probably to connect two more batteries together or one more battery. I don’t know yet well yeah, just it out the system today and it worked pretty good. But I didn’t, get to test it out with the solar panels on the roof, because we lost some light and, as you can see, I miscalculated on that where the hole was supposed to go so now to fix that yeah.

I’m, going to put the power inverter inside, not sure if that’s, a good idea, but we’ll figure it out and make sure that there’s no exposed wires in there. So I woke up this morning and the batteries were already fully charged.

As you can see there, I got to hook up these other two solar panels, probably to another controller, because I don’t know if this controller can handle six panels all right. Well, that’s it for today.

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