How to Install Solar Panels at the Correct Angle


What angle should I put my solar panels?

Hi I’m Jack, your vet with earth, wind and solar energy, and today we’re, going to talk about how to install your solar panels at the correct angle. Now, depending on where you live in the country, you’re at different latitudes and sometimes different latitudes require different angles, and the best angle for your latitude is something that we need to determine, for example, in Chicago Chicago, is located on 42 degree latitude.

But the best angle for a fixed mount array is 35 degrees. 35 degrees will give a good the best average annual production out of a solar panel. So how do we get to that 35 degrees? How do we determine that? We use what we call an angle.

Finder, there are two types there’s, an analog or digital. Both do the same thing once you determine the correct angle for your latitude, where your panel should be, you could take your angle, finder and mount it to the surface of the panel here.

I’ve, used tape to help me out and for Chicago we determined that 35 degrees was its best angle. So what we do next is we are going to raise the panel until we get to 35 degrees once we reach 35 degrees.

We’re, going to take a measurement now once we are 35 degrees. We take our tape measure measure from the roof to the upper mounting bracket, and this comes out to 24 inches. Once we get that measurement, we then take our stock.

Our raw stock and we cut to the length or some angle, some stock – some struts come with adjustability built in to it, but once we determine the length or the angle that we’re at, we, then lock it down or cut the strut to The proper length bolted to the upper bracket to the lower bracket and anchor it down into the roof, and that’s.

How you get the correct angle for your solar panel, you