How to Ensure Your Roofing Is Ready Prior To Setting Up Solar Panels

After plenty of research study, you’ve identified that you want to invest in solar panels. Still, one little question presently holds you back from making the move to solar:

« What else should I do before asking for a quote? »

We recommend checking to ensure your roofing is as prepared for a solar panel setup as you are.

There are 3 essential concerns you consider before you make the transfer to solar energy:

  • What does your roofing system appear like?
  • What is the condition of your roofing system?
  • Just how much shade does your roof get throughout the day?

Your answers can help you determine if it’s time to get quotes for solar panels.

Let’s dig into each question, shall we?

What Does My Roofing Look Like?

A quick inspection of your roofing system is a huge primary step in identifying whether it’s ready for a photovoltaic panel setup.

There are 3 significant aspects you should consider:

  • The age of your roofing
  • The roof Materials
  • Potential barriers for photovoltaic panels

The age of your roofing

The older your roof, the more likely it is that you’ll require to do some work prior to you buy a solar array. If your roof will need to be replaced within the next ten years, it’s finest to replace it prior to solar panels are set up. When the roofing is changed, this will conserve you from having to get rid of and re-install them.

Roof Materials

While photovoltaic panels are regularly set up on metal and asphalt roofing systems, some roof products, such as slate and Spanish tiles, require more care when setting up solar panels. You ought to talk to a professional roofing professional for their recommendation on mounting panels on your roofing if your roof is made of a fragile product.

Prospective Challenges

Solar panels require to be set in straight rows. This indicates barriers, such as vents and dormers, can limit how many panels can fit on your roofing. An excellent solar expert can potentially create around these challenges, however it can still impact your total solar potential.

What is the Condition Under My Roofing?

Depending on the condition of your roofing, you might need to replace it prior to you install new panels. Inspect your roofing for the following signs:

  • Harmed trusses or rafters
  • Leaks or spots in the attic or on walls
  • Mildew
  • Dark, « dirty-looking » spots on the roof

Think about getting a roof repair work price quote from a professional if your roofing system is revealing any of these signs or hasn’t been changed in the past 10 years. Look around and see what you can find.

Consult your house’s plans for the structure of your roof if the location you want to set up panels is unattainable.

How Much Shade Does My Roof Get?

Shade from trees and other buildings can limit the production of your system. Because of this, it’s best to prevent installing panels in dubious areas on your roof, if possible. If necessary, trees can likewise be trimmed to enhance unshaded location on your roofing system.

Ensure Your Roofing System is Ready for Solar Panels
A little preparation can make a huge difference for your solar energy system. By considering three simple concerns about your roof, you can put your panels in the best position for maximum production.

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