How to Boost Solar panel Output volt (Et Discover)

Hey guys, how are you I am back with a new video. This video is about how to boot solar energy and get maximum power from it. The fact is, when you try to get energy from any simple solar panel. The main reason behind it is the normal panel are not capable to give you enough what and power from it.

So I find out a solution from it that how to get more power and work from it, which is enough for fulfill your needs. So let’s, get into it: . First of all, I plugged in my table lamp, which is giving me probably 40 degree centigrade of temperature, which will I used for an optional source of sunlight.

This is a 4 volt, 2 watt solar panel. So now I connect my multimeter with the solar panel to calculate how much volt is coming out from the multimeter. You can see it is showing 6 volt, but when I am connecting an LED lamp with the solar panel, the light is glowing.

But when I’m measuring the bolt while the LED is connected, you can see the multimeter is showing only 3 volt. So it is dropped 3 volt. It means the bolt is not stable guys. Not only that I had at a state another solar panel by series wise and again I connect my multimeter.

You can see it is showing around 11 volt. Again I connected the LED with the solar panels to terminal you can see. The light is glowing, but but it is a strange thing: the LED is growing by Levin volt, it would have fused, but it is not fused yet.

So the main reason is again the bull to drop it down to 3 volt again I had escaped the slaughter panel with parallel and measuring the Volt. You can see 6 volt again and again I connect the LED with the solar panels.

You can see the light is glowing and again I measured the volt. It is show as same as the time when I connected it with the solar panel, while the panel or serial wise now. The strange thing is when I connect a motor with the panel while they were a serial wise, the motor did not rotate, but when I connect a motor with the panel’s, while they were parallel way, you can see the motor is rotate.

A little bit it means the ampere is increase a little bit, so it is no usable for heavy works, so I attested a boost converter to boost up the amp and what so I connected a positive and negative terminal of the parallel solar panel with input or Boost converter and the maximum volt, the boost converter is approximately 20 volt.

But now, when I connected a LED tip, you can see it is growing a little bit. The reason behind of it is solar panels, input ampere now my solution, for it is to connect a small super capacitor battery.

So what is super capacitor battery? It means it consume energy for a little time time and give backup of power for long time. Note that it give 30 minute of backup approx consume energy for 10. Second, I connected these batteries to input of the boost converter to increase the ampere so guys this is for today.

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