How Australians Are Trading Solar Energy With Their Neighbors

The Sun in Australia has always been hot. It’s, not even ten o’clock in the morning here and we are really sweating already. On average, there’s 300 days of sunshine a year. It’s. Just roasting hot today, okay, we get it.

The Sun is strong, so strong that it can power this. My name is dr., Gemma green, and I am a co-founder and the chairman of power ledger and we’re, a technology company that facilitates peer-to-peer trading of electricity.

So every day people that have got solar panels can trade electricity with their neighbors neighbors like Martin Martin, is part of a program that lets him and other participants in the apartment. Complex buy and sell excess power from each other, because I can buy and sell solar power.

I can turn on the lights. I can turn on the ceiling fan. I can turn on my computer and charge it. I can turn on the kettle all on solar power or because we can share the Sun. We came up with this concept recognizing that in the past 15 years, households across Australia have been installing solar panels, but they haven’t had the ability to trade electricity with each other.

So if one house hasn & # 39, t used its solar supply residents can sell it to a house in need. They can even set their own price. Like Martin does we can actually set? What is the minimum price? We’d like to sell it, and there are other benefits sue.

It also creates a sense of community, because people that have solar panels and batteries can donate their electricity to their community groups and schools. I guess it’s, just a small part of our lifestyle going into the sharing economy.

Definitely no shortage of sunlight. Here in Australia, we & # 39. Ve got enough Sun to run this country’s. Energy needs over and over again, my hopes for projects like these is that they & # 39. Ll demonstrate what’s possible in our energy future and citizens will be a power to get involved and will really deliver a low-cost, clean and a resilient electricity systems.