Hot checking DIY solar power generator (new build)

Alright, got my 100-watt solar panel hooked up with a sliver of sun The fan is rolling – all systems go I’m kinda let the video do the talking for itself Let’s unplug the fan This is the solar input here SAE — my adapter I made here And of course goes out to the solar panel out there which is a 100-watt unit Alright, let’s go around here to the front I’m still awaiting the black air inlet vents But here it is all working-working So what I did with the switch you got white and you got amber so it’s an either/or here.

I got this plugged in just for testing here See there? I got the amber And, I gotta little green light hooked into the speaker puck right here…this is just for DC access and this is wired in parallel with this here which is another SAE for like the Battery Tender Jr.

This is the MT 50 optional meter showing about 18 watts in–but I’m not using I think it’s already fully charged let’s see here I’m showing 21-volts pretty cool some of the goodies here Got the cigarette lighter which works Got the USB for charging your phone here you can turn this on or off standard voltmeter this is the switches for the lights good and hot (that’s what she said 🙂 This is you’re 12-volt power socket here Alright, let’s get inside here and look at the good stuff Got some filter material here for the air inlet on both sides used 10 AWG And also soldered it in here for good a solid connection So, two batteries two lines in for a 12-volt system.

12-volt powers the fuse block here Of course the negatives are the same there. I’m using 10 gauge for the inverter and the solar charger here and some 12 and 14 gauge here This is just a first (essentially) solar generation power check It’s transportable.’s not really a portable system. I mean, you can move it around This thing’s designed to be out on my back patio 100-watt load. It’s a 300 watt outlet here and I got this on here just for weather protection cooling and blowing out some air Alright, there you have it I’ll have 435 watts hooked up to this system here when it’s on the back patio but « all systems go » *** THANKS FOR WATCHING! ***