Harbor freight solar panel review/test..Can this small solar panel charge a car battery???

In this video we’re, going to take a look at Harbor Freight 1.5 watt solar battery charger. What’s up people? So I knew the day would come where my golf cart here, because they don’t ride. It regularly started up regularly my battery starting to go low, said a low 12 volts right now I wasn’t able to start it up with the electric start, so my plane was originally to get one of these Harbor Freight solar chargers and just Kind of mount it somewhere so that the golf carts always getting a little bit of a charge from the Sun when I park it outside so before I went out and bought one.

I went on YouTube and seen if there was any reviews on these and there was a few, but what confused me is some people were saying that it was charging batteries and some people were saying it was just maintaining batteries.

Other people were saying thing: doesn’t work at all, so what I’m gonna do is in this video we’re gonna test. My battery make sure my battery’s. Good. We’re gonna see what voltage it’s at we’re gonna hook.

This thing up, I’m gonna leave it on there, probably for at least two days and we’ll, see if the voltage goes up at all it’s, so real quick, we’ll, go over Some of the things on the box – this is item number six, eight, six, nine two: it’s, a 1.

5 watt solar battery charger supposed to compensate for any small, steady battery drains. It does plug into your cigarette lighter and it comes with adapter. For that and then you can mount it to your windshield, as you can see in the picture there there’s, the two adapters, one you just plug right or you clip right onto your battery, which I’ll, be doing, and then There’s, another one where you can just plug it into your cigarette, lighter and supposed to charge your battery.

That way, it shows everything that it comes with here’s, the dimensions you guys can see there’s. My battery in my golf car, I’m, not gonna. Take it out or anything. I’m just gonna leave it in there, but I disconnected the positive and negative.

So there’s. Nothing running to that. We’re gonna do a test better test and we’ll. Do a voltage test all right guys. I got my battery tester hooked up to this. We’re gonna see. If the battery is bad, let it run its test and it doesn’t say it’s bad, it just says it’s low.

So I don’t know if you guys can see that, but right now it’s at eleven point three one: three: zero three one right there that’ll, give this starting point there’s. A solar panel right there I’m just gonna prop it up in the bed of the golf cart got it ran where & # 39.

S ran all the way down and it’s plugged into well not plugged in, but it’s, clipped onto the posts there positive negative, obviously right now it’s skin towards the end of the day. So it’s, not too bright out right now, as you can see, though, the LED is blinking, so it’s, getting a little bit of sunlight, but what I’ll do.

Is I’ll? Leave this out come check it tomorrow. It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow, sunny the next day. I think I’m gonna go for two days. Shouldn’t be any drain on this battery because nothing’s hooked up to it, just the solar panel.

So hopefully we’ll, see if the voltage jumps up at all. Like I said there’s. A lot of back-and-forth on this product about, if it works or not so I’m just gonna do the test myself I picked this up, for I think they’re regularly.

Like $ 13, I use the 20 % off and it came to like $ 11. So we’ll, see how it works come back out here in a couple days and we’ll test the battery alright guys. So it’s been about a week since I last tested my battery with the Harbor Freight solar panel on it.

I just want to make one note. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but it’s been overcast and cloudy this whole week, not making any excuses. I’m just stating the facts, so I’m, not really sure what the charge is gonna be on this battery.

If any, so, what we’re gonna do. Is we’re gonna test? It right now and we’ll – see if this solar panel actually does charge your battery and actually move the solar panel to the top of the golf cart here so that I could get the most sunlight possible to it.

Like I said it’s been cloudy and overcast, so hasn’t been a whole lot of Sun, but we’ll, see alright guys. So I got my tester turned on here. I’m gonna connect. The probes to the positive, the negative and we’ll, see if this solar panel did anything all right.

So it looks like the battery is at eleven point, eight nine volts, which is a definite increase from what it was originally at. If I remember correctly, I think it was at eleven point three one. So it’s still not at twelve volts, but it definitely did charge the battery it’s at eleven point.

Eight! Nine, alright guys! So I guess that answers my question: if the solar panels really gonna work for my setup, as you can see, it did charge the battery, then get it ready at 12 volts what I think it was due to the conditions of it being cloudy out here.

I’ll, leave it on there. Hopefully it will get up to 12 volts. Maybe I’ll post in the comments below if it does or not, but for right now it showed a significant increase in the voltage. So I’m happy with it for 11 bucks.

I guess you can’t really beat it. Maybe I’ll, even think about buying another one and putting two of these panels on there. Maybe it’ll charge it a little bit faster. I don’t know we’ll see, but you guys are interested.

You can pick this up at Harbor Freight. Obviously I think it’s around $ 13.99. On this, video helpful hit that, like button, you guys like what I’m doing here. Hit that subscription button don’t forget to hit that notification bell.

I’ll talk to you guys later