Free Energy For Entire House / Cheap Giant and Mighty Solar Power Plant – DIY

Free Power For Entire Home/ Affordable Titan and also Mighty Solar Energy Plant – Do It Yourself

Well, friends will be waiting so long for this. We’re, going to make a solar power plant that will be able to give electricity for entire house. Any solar power plant is based on solar cells. Power plants are expensive, so a power plant may take you 10 years to make some profit from it, and now it’s obvious that you will not save money from buying one, but we didn’t buy power plant.

We’ve decided to make one our cells from the solar cells buying the cells is much cheaper and if you want to spend even less money, you can buy some damaged solar cells. They still accumulate plenty of power, even if they are damaged making the solar power plant is hard work.

We’d, have spent oceans of time soul during all this. The first pack wasn’t even ready for soldiering the responds to be pre soldered. On the front side. Let me show you the second pack there you can see the pre soldered, nickel, stripes and the first bag.

Didn’t have the stripes and we had to make them ourselves. The soldering scheme is sound where in the previous videos right now, we’ve, been working on the solar station for few days and we’ve, made only for only four panels have a look at one here there, the second one, the Older one and two more up there, what can you tell me about welding these cells? I am tired of this or not.

First, it was hard to get used to it, but now it’s, just a simple clockwork making the panel from the damaged cells. As I said this efficiently cheaper, we have found out that the damaged cells can give out up to 80 % of power.

So why should I pay more? I get 10 % less electricity, but I also spend 70 % less money. Kersh a soldering is not hard. You just don’t be nervous at all, otherwise the contacts will not be soldered. There is a little helper.

You can just solder the silvered contacts. It must be easy. What do you think these slight changes made up? They didn’t. Put here enough silver and it’s so little here. This means we have only one chance to solder, and this is what we get because the extra let’s have the frames for the power plant and we use simple aluminum pieces, which is got the metal to certain pieces and screw them together.

Then we take the silicone sealant and glue the glass to the frame. This looks exactly solar panel case and there is something brand new. We’re gonna read this special liquid culture and when it makes two components it looks like silicone, then it becomes solid, fast, no impact from the Sun.

This thing is recommended by many people who make solar panels, mixing it in the right proportion. 500 grams means 25 grams of solid maker. That’s. It we have just 15 minutes to get it on the panel. The table has to be even in flat.

Curls are gonna pour the liquid here and we are pouring the compound on the glass already beautiful, just awesome. Let me just mare it with a brush means the mixture to cover the entire surface, one even layer, then I will take the solar cells and carefully.

I said carefully put them on the surface right in the mixture we’re, trying hard to make it nice and easy. They must be touching each other and don’t forget to remove the air under the cells next row.

Look how beautiful this then we’re gonna use the mixture again to cover the cells and they’re, going to be sealed and they will never be damaged with water or shaking that’s. The best protection. Just look how cool this worked.

This means that the solar elements will be cooled well from the gloss and the vacuum inside makes the reflection insignificant. This means that the sunlight will not be lost and the most part of the light will go directly to the cells.

Now we need to connect all the elements. It will be a long consequent connection. This way the voltage will be summed 60 elements each one and how bold and poor ampere. So, as a result, we’ll, get 30 volts and four Emperor’s, and this is actually a hundred and twenty volts that the solar I use now and that’s.

A team wire cube and inside of this tube is the rosin, so I don’t need to search any rosin. I just can solder and enjoy what I do. What elements are glued and soldered? It is necessary to test the solar panel, because if a single element is not working for some reason, then the whole panel is going to be useless to carry out the test.

We’re, going to expose a solar panel to the Sun and we’re, going to check each element whether it works. I’m using in bulk of this. The blinking light will show me the defective element and where it’s, unstable voltage.

We have high chance to find some detective elements because we use the damaged cells turning it on and now we see 0.43 volts. That is fine. Next, the same 41. It’s good, I give it a name mark the next one is 0.

40. These are good. Now we can install the back case and we’re gonna seal, the cells now using our in capsule, and I just admire this painted things. I feel proud and happy about them really good. The Sun cells are super protected with a sturdy and elastic encapsulate.

Now it is high time to install the solar power plant on the roof. Maybe have even smaller letter. At least like this, you’ve got a big roof turn on the spider-man mode. You know that is quite extreme.

Hang on these sound panels here the installing is over a lad solder. It here you go waiting to heat these bubbles kitty. This tape is BS mean. Is there another one, try to use the blue one? It’s! More sticky, we have installed eight solar panels, and now we need to assemble the heart of it.

Oh there you are the wire from the solar panels. We can put it right in the house. I’d like to check the voltage and you’re gonna like it. I have a graphite piece. I’d, have a wire, Oh graphite, wire, dragging so fancy that the Sun power just imagine a Sun power welding machine there’s, a volt counter, and let’s.

Attach it this one, this big one in giant lamp, and we see that the voltage lags two volts now. Well, let’s load this baby and let’s, attach here for of 12 volts bulb each consumes 80 watts power. The current doesn’t hit me, though there is sixty volts.

Turning on do I have 41. I can stand this life alone. 670 warts, oh, my gosh. This result is just fantastic, especially, I guess you remember that the elements were damaged and now it’s. The end of October, the sunlight isn’t that strong now let’s, attach the sound controller.

For a start, we’re, going to use a simple car accumulator. Then I will get some lithium batteries. The next step is to connect the sound panels to the controller board. Oh a spark plus and minus initialization.

Okay, there’s, a launching process and we can see the battery started charging. Let’s. Turn on the inverter. Let’s. Try to use the accumulated power, I can add a voltmeter and turn on the heater. The heater must consume 490 watts and currently the solar power gives us 49 volts, 9 amperes.

The sound panel controller must be set in specific mood via settings and has some special volt-ampere characteristics that let it squeeze out everything that solar panel can get in any weather. Clear and uncloudy, of course, I want to use all solar energy, and we installed here two sockets one socket gives constant current working always and the second works.

Only when there is enough power comes from the panel’s. I said the heater to the second socket and thus, when there’s, any extra power from the panel’s. It heats the house if there is not enough Sun power and the better is a half charged V relay switches.

The devices to the electric nap immediately and this power station is also a power supply for the house. If there is a blackout, the relay will switch the Sun power instantly and house. We will provide it with electricity again simultaneously charging.

Well, I can tell you that this solar station is quite enough for all house needs in a sunny day. It is 480 watts and when it’s, cloudy is a hundred and twenty watts of constant free current. When it’s dark a pop computer can work three hours with a small battery and only one battery died.

The appliances will switch to the net. In future, we’re, going to upgrade the station and adhere something cool and return. Some more batteries to have 24 volts. I think they will be lithium right me how I can enhance my station.

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