DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER Cheap Solar Power

DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER Cheap Solar Power

Hey this is my cheap solar panel thing that I got at Harbor Freight. The system was two hundred and fifty dollars in food, but it’s three panels and all together it’s. Fifty watts, let’s, go in the house and see Brett okay, this that this is where the panel um.

This is where the the panels, the power comes in it’s just in this little fuse box, okay! Well, anyway, this is where I is where I disconnect the power from the from the solar panels into the house in case there’s problem or something, but this is the charge controller that it came with.

The system came with this panels, this charger and two lights. The system’s been in operation for about a year now or so much. You can see right here. It’s, no one. It’s working and when it’s, charging sequel to the lights charging right now and the little you know thing in between the look toes when the batteries, bad and good, but the way that it works CDs right here – this was Off a guitar plug that cut, but it it works just the same hook to row mix, and this goes up and to the light to my house, but how it works.

You just plug meant the real simple system you just plug MIT. Now the lights are working, but when you turned off you know the lights are so, but anyway it’s charged right now and all I have this eep cycle battery right now and the battery the box is vented outside with the dryer.

Let’s. Just deep cycle battery, I’ll. Show you boys, okay, okay, this is the lighting there’s, two lights and it’ll, run for approximately a week or two off that little battery that I have, but both lights are.

Are there just five watt DC? This is a kitchen living that’s. It