In this video, I’m, going to show you how we built a 10,000 watt solar farm. I use Sketchup to design the system to be a ground mount and it still table to maximize the output for summertime or winter, since we use low-cost materials and waited to find a good price on some surplus solar panels that were brand new.

We expect about a four year return on the investment for this build. We ended up with three hundred fifteen watt or busbar solar panels made by J a solar, and we’re using the Sunny Boy, SMA 5000 u.s. solar string inverters with integrated DC disconnects.

Once we had the inverters installed, we ran our conduit, hold our AC wires to go to our main breaker box. We then went to work drilling our holes pouring our cement and getting our wooden frame installed.

We use ground contact, lumber and 500 pounds of cement for each post is uh. What’s called uni strut it’s, made out of galvanized steel should handle the weather pretty good. You may get a little rust, but it may take 10 20 years for a rust up very much.

What does that see how it goes, but a lot of people are using this to mount solar panels and we have nuts that go underneath spring loaded, nuts, 3/8 bolts and a square washer. So we’ll, clamp the panels down side by side on two rows: okay, these are about ready to close up.

So we’ll, get the covers put on these here real soon, and we’re, going to go out and start mounting our solar panels:
She told me a little bit: okay