Best Camping Solar Panel

All right, so today we’re in the backyard out enjoying the Sun. I figured it’d, be a good day to test out some solar panels. Now I’ve, been using this anchor solar panel for about as long as I’ve been on YouTube so about a year and a half, but they came out Fox le came out with a new solar panel that offers a lot More features, in my opinion, and so today we’re gonna compare the two and I’m, going to show you the upgrades that the Fox le has over the anchor so stay tuned.

Alright, it’s. So a lot of you know that I’ve, been using this anchor solar panel for a year and a half over a year and a half. Ever since I started YouTube. I’ve, been using this anchor solar panel and what I do is I use my anchor power bank to charge all my devices.

I used it to charge the camera batteries. I use it to charge my phone, I use it to charge everything and then the next day I used the solar panel to charge the anchor battery that I used last night, and so this is what runs all day to charge up my twenty thousand milliamp hour Battery bank they & # 39, ve tops it off, and so this comes with three panels: it’s, a 20 watt solar panel.

It has four grommet loops, two at the bottom and two here at the top, and that’s. Pretty much it, it comes with a little pouch here that has a tiny little velcro closure. The inside has the plug ins. It has two USB plug ins and it has a little red light and when the little red lights on it’s ready to charge your device.

But the issue is, is when you hang this from these two grommets, the pocket hangs upside down and if it shakes a little bit, the power cable, as you can see here, starts to fall out, and so I don & # 39.

T really use this pocket because I’m, always scared that whatever I put in there is gonna fall out, and so I don’t use that pocket um at all. I try not to use it because I’m scared, but what I do put in there falling out, but it’s, a very simple design – and this has worked for me for a year and a half.

Now I take this with me on every trip I charge my battery bank and it works really well, it also comes with a USB micro, USB cable and it works very, very well. I’m very happy with this solar panel, but Fox le came out with a 20 watt solar panel, and the price point is very, very good.

My anchor was around $ 90 and this one is even cheaper than that. I was looking at some gold zero solar panels, but they are so expensive that I just stuck with my anchor now. The tie outs on this one are everywhere.

So if we open it up, it’s got the three panel solar panel. Just like the anchor does it’s. The same size shape everything as the anchor. It has the same four grommet holes, but it has tie outs everywhere.

It has to tie outs on the side. It has one on the bottom, two on this side, that’s, one on the top. Here it has a d-ring here, so you can tie this to your pack or a tree branch or your tent or whatever you want to tie it to.

There should be a way of doing that. Another thing is: when it’s hanging, the pocket is accessible from the top. It’s, not on the bottom, so stuff can follow it. It’s accessible from the top, which I really like and it zips closed it.

Zips completely shut. Now there’s, lots of d-ring there, but it everything is accessible from the top and it zips completely closed. So you don’t have to worry about losing whatever you put in here, so opening it back up again.

The carabiners it comes with two carabiners, so between the two carabiners and all these tie out points. You should have no issues attaching this to whatever you want to attach it to and getting that solar energy to your devices.

Okay, another! So not only do I like the pouch better, I like the zipper better, but I like all the tiles butter and the USB charging area right now it says five point: two nine volts, which I don’t know how accurate that is at the Moment, but it has two USB charging one is, is iOS Android and the other one is just an Android.

So to my understanding, the iOS port, an Apple device, it’ll charge, but as soon as a cloud goes over or the voltage drops it & # 39, ll stop charging and it’ll. Just stay, not charging. We’re with this iOS one.

It will. A cloud will go by it & # 39, ll stop charging and then it’ll turn it back on and charge it again. We’re Android. You don & # 39. T really have to worry about that as much, but the iOS you do.

You have to make sure that you have it in this port. Otherwise, if a cloud goes by it’s, gonna stop charging and it’s, not gonna. Kick it back in so right now it says five point, two nine volts and it doesn’t read out until you plug in a device.

I also carry a chunk of 550 cord that doesn’t come with either one of these, but I like to carry it so that I can tie it to different things. So I’m gonna plug in to the solar panel. I’m gonna plug my phone in and when I plug my phone and you’ll be able to see that switching so now the voltage is.

The voltage is five point. One five: the amps is one point: zero. Seven, the Watts is five point one, and so now I can see exactly how much power I’m getting from the solar panel, and so one amp is about a thousand milliamps.

So if you have one amp for one hour, that’s, one thousand milliamp hours, so most phones are between five and seven milliamp hours, and so you & # 39. Ll need one amp, five to seven hours and that’s. A very good feature: another thing that I like about is not only that I can tell how long it’s going to take to charge my devices, but also with my anchor.

I would set it where I thought I was getting the most charge and I would just guess we’re here. I can guess and check. I can set it over here and I can see what my reading is. I can set it over here and see what my reading is.

I can set it in different areas and wherever the reading is the highest, that’s, where I can put my solar panel to make sure I’m, getting the most energy, as I possibly can. As the sun’s. Moving, you know if it was at 1 amp and then the Sun shifts, and now it’s at 0.

8 amps. I know I can move this and get that one amp back right, and so I will really really like that. That’s included in this solar panel and so with the tie outs and all the different features to tie this out, the pocket being a fully zip pocket that’s facing the other direction.

This readout this solar panel, plus the price point – the price point of the solar panel is really good with all of that, I really really really enjoy this solar panel. So let me know in that comment section down below.

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