6 Years Living on Solar Power is it Worth it? Let’s Do the Math

Hey everybody welcome to go for Greenland homestead. My name is Daniel, and today I want to talk to you about a question that gets asked to me all the time. All the time is solar really worth it. I mean because you know it’s.

Such a great expense to get into so let’s. Do the math all right now I can base it only basis on my system and you know because, like I can do other systems, you know that I’ve installed before, but for basic information.

I wanted to talk about my system and it’ll. It just scales up and scales down. You know, mine is roughly 2 kilowatts. Now what that means is that a kilowatt is a thousand watts, so it’s good. So let’s, just let’s.

Just figure this out really simple, 1,000 watts in the Sun for an hour is a kilowatt hour. Now I I have 2 kilowatts. So two thousand kilowatts in the Sun for an hour is 2 kilowatt hours. Ok, so that’s, pretty simple, so we’re.

Basing this off my system, I’ve, had my system for 6 years, so we’re gonna find out. If it’s worth it. If it’s, if it’s paid for itself, if it’s, if it’s losing money, so we’re gonna find out. If it’s really worth it or not, so so y’all stick around, so my my system produces 2 kilowatts.

You know per hour so that’s, 2 kilowatt hours per hour now and over an average. You know for the entire year. I just did it at 8 hours average sunlight that that it would get summertime. It’s, going to get more wintertime, it gets less, but I’m just doing an overall average.

So I did eight hours so eight hours times my two kilowatt hours is 16 kilowatt hours. Now 16 kilowatt hours times 365 days is 5840 kilowatt hours that I’m producing each year now, 5840 kilowatt hours times the six years that I’ve owned.

The solar system is 35,000 40 kilowatt hours that I’m. That I produce total in the six years that I’ve hold had the system now my power company here you know with with their minimum fees, and you know, which is $ 40 and the charge per kilowatt hour that they charge you and you Can look on your electric bill and see that just in you know what what it is charging you per kilowatt hour and then you got to do the minimum bill that they’re, going to charge you for it for just having the electric company There so so, anyway, mine averages at 11 cents a kilowatt hour that that’s.

What they charge me if I, if I have electric power, so if you multiply that times the 35,000 40 kilowatt hours it’s, three thousand eight hundred and fifty four dollars and forty cents. Okay, now I paid $ 2,500 for this solar system.

So let’s, see let’s, do the best you know so. Thirty-Eight hundred and fifty four dollars and forty cents is the twenty five hundred dollars equals one thousand three hundred and fifty four dollars and forty cents.

That’s. How much money I saved by having this whole system and it’s, not done it’s still producing fine, and you know like today it’s still producing great. You know it’s. One time the solar panels are cool.

It’s. You know that’s. Why? I say you know it’s. It’s producing more now then then, sometimes so it’s, complete average of everything. So not only did I save one thousand three hundred and fifty four dollars and forty cents.

I saved that. I saved it that’s. The save money that’s, that’s, money in the bank. I know it’s over a long time over six years, but net for now on it’s, all profit, it’s. All profit for now on I mean it’s.

It’s. All savings for now, like the system paid for itself, you know it’s. It’s easily. To maintain so, yes, I’d, say solar is definitely worth it. It definitely pays for itself, and now I’m into savings, pure savings, so so guys I hope you all enjoyed this video.

This is this is the math. This is figuring out. It proves that Solar is worth it so just from my system, but not only not only does this let’s, not forget everything else. Y & # 39. All remember that my video love your neighbors yourself, where everybody else had no power.

I had power when storms come and they knock down power lines and bass. Don’t have power. I have that so not only the security of knowing that I’m, always going to have power if their power lines fail.

You know it’s. It’s, the savings also, so I think 100 % is worth it to go solar. So if you haven’t looked into it, you should look into it. If you need help, you know then contact me. I would be glad to walk you through some simple steps and help you figure out what’s right for you and how much solar you actually need all right guys.

I love you and I’ll catch you on the next video anti baby. I love your mission Ani over. Oh just means. I love you Bruce later guys: [, Music, ]