Top 4 100w Solar Panels Tested! Renogy vs. HQST vs. Rich Solar vs. NewPowa


Solar Energy is the electrical power powered by the sun. Long back, people just utilized coals and fuels to run devices like steam trains and factories. Now, solar energy is being used by all devices and devices such as cars and trucks, planes, and home devices. You can cool off the earth a bit by setting up photovoltaic panels on your roof. To make sure that the solar panels are working, you have to ask the expert to do a solar screening.

Solar screening is the process of taking a look at the solar panels if they can still be used or not. And after the solar panel is finished or damaged, a solar testing is needed.

To do solar testing, all you need to have is a solar panel, a multitester, and sunlight. Specialists might only do solar screening, so take out your kids and never let them touch or see the procedure (to eliminate their curiosity). After he checks the solar panel, he will remove the cover of the junction box which is usually seen at the back.

Then the expert will utilize a multitester and turn the knob for the appropriate worth. If the label states that the voltage requirement is 220 V, put the pointer to the 1000 V and not to the 100 V. And it should be in DC and not in AC. He will put the two plugs on the negative and positive lead marks (if you have not seen a multitester, the red one is positive and the black one is an unfavorable). And he needs to not interchange the 2 plugs and his fingers need to not touch the open metal (unless he’s fake).

Then he will take the Ampere value with the exact same procedure. If he made a mistake, then the multitester will blow up. After getting the worth, he will make a comparison check. The worth should be close to the value suggested to the label, and if it’s expensive or low it just indicate that this solar panel id damaged.