Solar air conditionner!? | Air conditioning / heating on or off grid with solar panels

Solar air conditionner!?|Cooling/ heating on or off grid with photovoltaic panels

With the return of summertime, it’s, always easier for people with a solar system to produce their energy. Indeed, we get more and more Sun, unlike winter, where it’s really more limited, but with all the Sun, your house might overheat – and I bet you’d like to cool it a bit in the case of an of grid house.

We are always limited in the amount of energy we have, so we pay close attention to energy costs because of this limit, we come to deprive yourself sometimes of energy, consuming appliances like air conditioning and electric eating, for example, but that restraint could be a thing of The past, thanks to our solar air conditioner, yes, you heard that right, an air conditioner that worked with solar panel, so here is a brief presentation of the system that could become essential to you if you have enough real house.

So here we are outside of the garage here with our two AC units. One is for the mezzanine upstairs and one is for the master bedroom. The particularly of these units are for for this case over here. They look very similar to regular units, but they they work in DC, so they’re, going to be working on 48 volt in this case over here hooked up to the lithium batteries.

Inside they provide up to 12,000 BTUs of power, so they are reversible. We can heat and we can cool very, very interesting units for obviously for cooling when it gets super hot in the summer, whether it be for Quebec, Canada, the Laurentians it’s.

Also very popular in projects that we’ve, actually designed in the Caribbean and also projects for Africa, where, obviously, the heat is very, very much very high. All the time and people were looking for units that were very efficient and also able to work directly on a solar system.

So this is the perfect unit over here very high quality, very nice looking very quiet, but also made to work directly on the battery bank. Hooked up the solar panel so no need to use an inverter or different devices.

We can keep the system fairly simple and still still get some very, very decent cooling capacity or in this case over here. If it needs to be heating in the winter, it can also heat up to 12,000 BTUs, so very units, and we’ll go inside to see them with the wall.

Units looked like so here we are inside the cottage. Now this is, we can see over here that this is the indoor unit like the wall unit. Just like we’ve seen on different units. We call this a mini split, so we have 12,000 BTU in this case over here.

I want to remind everybody that this is a unit that will work on DC, so badly voltage pretty much so very efficient. Very interesting, for you know cottage up north, where the electricity is maybe not present or where we don’t have electricity.

We don’t want to invest in an inverter. You can totally hook this up to your battery pack and have this supplied by the solar. The solar system works totally in a cyclone Ilana which totally just like any other air conditioning units that you would see on the market very efficient, very nice and very cool.

It’s, a product that we offer on our list of different products. For the off-grid market, whether it be for the Canadian Canadian environment, where it has a capacity to heat and to cool, so we can actually 12,000 BTU to cool or to heat in the winter, reversible so very, very efficient and for our off-grid or clients overseas.

Caribbean Africa, where you want an obviously you have a large cooling load, and these units can be very, very interesting when you wan na, invest solely for the cooling, you can put a battery bank some solar panels on it and have a nice and cool air.

Very nice product also, please note that you, don’t have to live in an off-grid house to possess that kind of technology. There is also a version of the device that you can connect in a network. What’s interesting with this version? Is that it’s also coming with solar panels, but you don’t have to have batteries and chargers and everything when it’s.

Sunny the AC takes its energy from the solar panel when it’s. Not it takes it simply from the network. In doing so, you can save up to 80 % of the energy compared to a conventional air conditioning during the day during solar operation.

To show you how efficient these devices are here is a picture of the Solar Charger for the solar system that these cases were running on, since all these numbers must not mean anything to you. I’m gonna try to explain them when the two ACS were running together.

They were using about eleven point four amps on a 53 volt voltage. When you multiply that you get about 609 watts of electrical power, it’s. Pretty incredible, because if you compare it to a conventional and device that you would buy from your everyday store with exactly the same specifications, you would get a device that would consume about 920 watts.

While here you have an energy consumption of about 600 9 watts. For two devices that’s, pretty impressive and let’s, not forget that this device is more than an AC. It’s, a heat pump, so it can eat your house too.

That’s. True for both of these devices, the one that is Algrim and the one that is connected to the network. If you want more details about these devices, you can check out our website Echo’s, our & # 39, his com.

The link will be in the description below you will find, among other thing, a sizing guide for the installation of your system, to let you know how many solar panels and batteries and everything that you need, depending on how many hours of AC hours you need in Your day