Pop can solar heat collectors – How to make a solar panel out of pop cans

By building and setting up photovoltaic panels at your house, you can substantially minimize your regular monthly electrical expense and at the very same time set an example for other individuals in your community who are not so environmentally mindful. This is really simple job and possible for anyone to do, no matter what experience you have at Do It Yourself tasks.

Innovative option revealed on cansolair website functioned as a motivation to develop effective “home-made” solar battery. Essentially, it is low-cost and extremely easy photovoltaic panel for additional house heating, which warms the air straight.

The most intriguing thing is the reality that photovoltaic panel is practically totally built out of empty beer and soda aluminum cans!

Real estate for solar battery is made from wood (plywood 15mm), while its front is constructed of 3 mm (0.12 inches) Plexiglas/ polycarbonate (you can utilize tempered glass too). The back of the case set is made from rock wool (you can utilize Styrofoam) as insulation.

Solar absorber is made from beer/ soda cans, and painted in matte-black paint resistant to heat. The upper part (cover) of cans is particularly created to offer higher effectiveness in heat exchange in between the cans and the passing air.

When it is bright, despite outdoors temperature level, cans and inside air warm up really rapidly. Little fan drives heated air back into the space.

When it’s bright, the solar panel produces heat, however it is essential to utilize it right away for warming the air inside the home. If the sun does not shine, it is essential to disrupt the supply of air in the solar collector, since otherwise the space will start to cool down.

This thermostat can be purchased in better-equipped electronic part shops. One positioned inside the leading opening for warm air, the other inside the lower opening for the supply of cold air in the solar collector.

The solar collector can produce an average of 2 kW of energy for house heating if you set the temperature levels thoroughly. This usually depends upon just how much sun do you have throughout the day.

Gown practice session of solar collector was brought out in the yard prior to setting up the system on the home. After 10 minutes in the sun, solar collector produced hot air with temperature levels of 70 ° C!

The test outcomes have actually motivated us to set up solar heating system on the home as quickly as possible.

After finishing setup of solar panel, the outdoors temperature level was -3 ° C, and from the solar collector was coming out 3 m3/min (3 cubic meters per minute) of heated air. To determine the heating power of our solar panel, we took the air circulation, and typical air temperature level at the exit from the system.

Computed power that the photovoltaic panel produced, was roughly 1950 W (watts) which is practically 3 HP (3 horse power)!!!

CONCLUSION: Thinking about that the outcomes were rather acceptable, we can conclude that this photovoltaic panel is certainly worth making. The collector, at the minimum, expenses under 150$ and can be utilized for extra heating of our house, and it depends on you to figure and determine out just how much cost savings you can attain.