Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics


The Sun is the original source of almost all the energy used on earth. The earth receives the staggering amount of energy from the Sun as much energy falls on the planet each hour as the total human population uses in a whole year, solar panels are made from photovoltaic cells or PV for short, simply broken down, photo means light and voltaic Relates to the production of electricity, photovoltaic technology enables the creation of electricity using light.

Pv cells have at least two layers of semiconductors, one that’s positively charged and one that’s negatively charged when the light shines on the semiconductor. The electric field across the junction between these two layers causes electricity to flow, the greater the intensity of light, the greater the flow of electricity.

There are many sorts of PV panels, including PV tiles, which replace normal tiles and simplify the install they can be installed onto a domestic house and work. Very simply, any south-facing roof is suitable.

The light that hits the panel’s is converted into clean electricity. There are no moving parts, so this is a silent operation. The electricity generated by the panel & # 39. S is direct current by installing an inverter.

It’s converted to alternating current, so it’s in sync, with the mains electricity and can be used normally. The clean electricity is then fed into the mains via the fuse board. Using meters. The amount of electricity generated and used can be recorded and any spare electricity is sold back to the electricity supplier.

The amount of energy available from the Sun differs depending on your location. For example, Edinburgh receives 800 kilowatt hours per square meter in London. It’s 1,000 and Madrid 1500. Although the UK is considered to have a wet and cloudy climate 800 kilowatt hours per square metre is enough energy to power, an energy efficient home.

You would need just 10 square meters of TV to provide enough electricity to power such a home entirely from solar energy. Solar photovoltaics are a simple and practical way of powering buildings with clean energy.

We believe a sustainable future is within our reach in this generation.