How solar panels work step by step


How solar panels work step by step

A solar panel is the secret. Have you ever asked yourself how solar panels work?

A fast glimpse at photovoltaic panels

A solar panel is a gadget that functions primarily to transform the sun’s energy into a much more useful electrical energy, which you can greatly take benefit of. You can utilize the transformed energy to illuminate your house, to warm up your spaces, and to even power up your electrical appliances. Doesn’t it sound great? Concern think of it, it’s unbelievable.

The panel is typically made up of silicon cells, the ones we see in the table of elements, which are chemical composition of minerals. These cells are well organized and patterned in the panel in such a way that they can convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy.

The function of sunshine

The sunlight has an element called photon, which is consists of little particles of energy. When these elements strike the outside surface area of the panel, the silicon cells soak up the rays, triggering them to create an electrical current through the panels.

Aspects affecting your panel

How solar panels work depends greatly on the quantity of sunshine striking the panels. Moreover, these are the influential aspects that affect the performance of your photovoltaic panel:

Environment. Naturally, the climate will significantly identify the quantity of sunshine that will reach your solar panel. Generally, if the weather condition is bad, like in rainy seasons, then it will limit the sunshine striking your panel.

Clearly, sunshine is only present during daytime. If there are longer daytime hours, it suggests that more sunshine will be entering your panel.

Sun’s placement. When the sun is set high in the sky, as in summertime seasons, more rays will be striking the panel compared to winter season seasons when the sun in low.

Tips on how to maximize your panel’s efficiency

1. Make sure your roof will be hassle-free for you so that you can change your panel anytime if you are planning to put your panel in your roof.

2. In putting your panel, make certain you tilt it a little simply to avoid rain and snow to collect in your panel.
3. Constantly adjust your panel in such a way that it is dealing with the sun so that it will receive maximum sunlight direct exposure.

4. Make other houses and sure trees will not create a shadow on your panel, especially in the afternoon.